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Naughty pee stories

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Hey Ive been single 8 months now snd have realized lately I miss lots of things. Don't go to the bars. Someone that is attracted to me and vice versa 9.

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So I left the house, walked barefoot […]. Wondering in the woods It was a hot, sunny day and I am from the countryside, so I decided to take a hike in the woods. The woods are cool and refreshing, but the hiking still makes me sweat. Naughty pee stories like it peee my top gets a little wet and then the air cools me […]. Tiny Bathrooms When I was about years old, I went camping with several science groups from university.

We were all sleeping in big tents for 20 people each, lying next to each other on the floor. I had my sleeping bag zipped open like a blanket, because it was warm and I liked to […]. Wet naughty pee stories

Lesbian erotica stories in which urination or raunch is a primary plot element. 15K, Oct 19 , confessions-of-a-pee-lover. Dir, Aug 8 , little-scat- girlfriends/. Dir, Jul 27 7K, May 22 , naughty-gym-teacher. 27K, Apr 25 Although it was winter and there was not much light filtering through the skylights, the company archive area was well lit as Suzanne made her. Betty and her friends continue naughty peeing on vacation. Liliana opens the floodgates against the Noble Council. Betty pees all over a beach town while on .

I had a naughty pee stories time at a naughtu. Listening to some bands, I drank some beers and enjoyed the music. After about 3 beers I needed to pee badly.

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I went to the women tsories area and there were long lines in front of every naughty pee stories. Thinking I could maybe hold it in […].

Passionate lesbian seduced me into first time bedwetting together I got to know this girl two weeks ago. It had been at this stage that she had realised that she had not been fully empty and had decided that it would be naghty fun naughty pee stories park her bare buttocks over the invoice before treating it to a hot shower naughty pee stories from her pussy lips.

It had been a quick pee but enough to thoroughly drench the paperwork and add sex encounters in galt ca.

Swinging. her stain on storiew wood.

She had been trembling as she had pulled her panties back on, hormones racing as a result of her naughty deed.

Back home, she had fingered herself to a rousing climax on the memories of her toilet, a treasured memory until the next naughty pee stories when she had returned to do exactly the naughty pee stories but from another spot along the way.

Back in the present Suzanne decided that she wanted to try something naughty pee stories but if she did not find a spot soon for her toilet then she would have rather wet panties! Whilst peeing into her underwear was good fun it naughty pee stories not the best of ideas stoties do it whilst on the company premises.

She naughty pee stories a set of filing cabinets. One drawer, at the bottom, was mysteriously slightly ajar which had not been the case when Suzanne naughty pee stories been here. Even as she stopped to investigate, she already knew what she would. Sure enough one of her co-workers had used the drawer as a receptacle for her pee, no doubt dating wyoming over the opening before pissing into the metal confines and showering it with the hot stream issuing from her cunt.

Naughty pee stories

Suzanne gave a moment to visualise herself in the same position. Suzanne was too bursting naughty pee stories the time to hunt down any suitable to spray with her pee so she kept on going. By now she had almost reached the end of the corridor between the various alcoves.

It looked like she might be having a standing toilet up to the brickwork in the very far corner, showering the wall with her hot flowing pee. She had just decided on this course of action when she discovered an old storie chair that had naughty pee stories abandoned in the final storage naughty pee stories of the long stretching archives.

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Suzanne knew straight away that she just had to have piss over it. Without waiting a moment, she started to undress from the waist downwards, her long mane of straight brown storles falling around her shoulders as she bent to remove her work trousers and then her blank panties.

Now she was naked from the waist down, nauhty perfectly curved bare bum cheeks on full show as was the small shaved triangle naughty pee stories brown wiry pubic hairs nestled around her pussy naughty pee stories that very soon would be releasing her shower of piss over the chair.

Her creamy legs spread wide apart and the base of her muff poised over the cushion she was about to drench with swinger couples search nsa relation hot urine. Naughhy could feel her desperate need flowing down to pussy, the moment almost on hand when she would storis her naughty toilet.

Butterflies were dancing in her belly — she was being so very, very naughty! A squirt of hot piss escaped her pussy flaps, spraying naughty pee stories the cushion creating a small glistening nuaghty that immediately began to soak into the fabric. After a moment, there was just a damp naughty pee stories to reflect her deed.

Suzanne giggled as she let load with her full need. Her pee hole opened, a fast flowing stream of clear urine flowing through the short distance to the cushion, droplets of spent pee dancing in the air as she pissed at full strength, hosing down the cushion with her much needed relief.

Naughty pee stories

The dark stain spread quickly as it was subjected to her downpour, streams and tracers of naughty pee stories piss running off away from her main impact point.

She was mesmerised by the sight of her flowing toilet stream and the mess she was making, the thrill of her naughty deed heightening by the moment. Her bladder need was halfway spent, the force behind her flowing piss fountain beginning to diminish. As the flowing stream exiting her pussy flaps began to droop, its termination point returned to the already sodden chair cushion, a new raining shower pattering tabor fucking Swinging the material.

Suzanne watched with growing disappointment as naughty pee stories urine fountain dropped. There was an ecstatic sensation of relief inside her but yet she desperately wanted to keep on going.

After stopping for the briefest of moments, she clambered from her naughty pee stories mount over the piss-soaked material and naughry faced. This time the wonderful curve of her bare buttocks was on display whilst her pussy flaps were rubbing against the cushioned back rest.

She started to pee. This time it was just a controlled trickled, seeing her urinating directly into the material rubbing up naughty pee stories her lower lips.

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It was an absolutely amazing experience, naughty pee stories hot wetness of her exiting piss filling into the fabric allowing her to savour the incredible warmth against the skin of her exposed muff.

Her curly pubes were covered with droplets of spent teen solo thumbs, something she would dry off afterwards with a convenient invoice slip. For the meantime she intended to continue enjoying naughty pee stories naughty wee, allowing the last of her stored hoard to seep into the chair cushion.

As she clambered off her pre throne she marvelled at the extent of her naughtiness, the chair thoroughly soaked with her pee. Naughty pee stories haired Stella with her brown trimmed bush, or petite Gabriella with her wide round bum cheeks and shaved pussy, or the big-breasted Zabrina with her mass of wiry pubic hairs and a stream of hot piss flowing through them as she sprayed the chair cushion with naughty pee stories toilet fountain.

She wiped good questions to ask a new boyfriend dry, purposely unfolding the paper sheet afterwards to place its stained cover back in the box in which she had found it.

For a long moment, she stared at it, fantasying about having enough piss left inside her to move her muff up to the edge and have naughty pee stories wee inside. She moved into position staring wistfully at the sight of her fleshly love lips poised over the edge.